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News » New York Yankees Inside Pitch 2008-07-26

New York Yankees Inside Pitch 2008-07-26

New York Yankees Inside Pitch 2008-07-26
He may not be Josh Beckett just yet, but Joba Chamberlain was better than the Red Sox ace Friday night.

In what can easily be considered the best night of the Yankees' season, Chamberlain lived up to his boss' high expectations, pitching a gem to beat the Red Sox at Fenway and cap an evening that began with more good news for the blistering Yankees, via the trade front.

While Chamberlain was shutting down the Red Sox on three hits in a 1-0 victory that gave the Yankees their seventh straight win and moved them just two back of their rivals, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was reportedly doing his part to help them even more.

Pending physicals, the Yankees have reportedly acquired outfielder Xavier Nady and lefty reliever Damaso Marte from Pittsburgh, solving two glaring needs. While the Yankees gave up four prospects, including outfielder Jose Tabata and pitcher Ross Ohlendorf, they managed to keep the players they really wanted while also helping themselves this season.

On the field, Chamberlain helped make Hank Steinbrenner look good since his boss had loudly lobbied for the rookie to move to the rotation earlier in the year and said he could be the Yankees' version of Beckett.

Given the chance for a one-on-one matchup, Chamberlain pitched the game of his life, striking out nine and yielding just three hits.

"He was outstanding," manager Joe Girardi said. "He matched Beckett inning for inning. He was great."

Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis didn't think he was so great though when Chamberlain threw near his head for the third time in the past two years. The pitch, which came when Youkilis led off the seventh with the score 1-0, hit the player's bat and elicited an angry response from him and a warning to both benches.

Chamberlain later said the pitch was unintentional and he wouldn't throw at someone in that situation because "at the end of the day, it's 1-0. I'm trying to get a win. That's what you got to do."

And that's exactly what he did in the biggest night of the Yankees' season.

YANKEES 1, RED SOX 0: The Yankees scored their lone run in the third on a trio of two-out hits from Bobby Abreu, Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi, who hit the shortstop hole against an infield shift to score Abreu. Joba Chamberlain took it from there to out-duel Josh Beckett as the Yankees rookie threw the best game of his young career.

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Added: July 26, 2008

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